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Alphabetically Ordered Watch List

November 1, 2005

Alphabetically Ordered Watch List

Usually I put lists in order by preference- the band I’m most enjoying goes first. This month, I wanted to put them all first, so I put them in alphabetical order. Check them all out- you probably won’t like every single one (the genres range from Bryan Kitchen’s mellow ambient to Remainder 3’s heavy post-grunge), but you’re bound to like two or three.

Band: The Alpha and the Omega

Genre: Art-rock
Album: Back to the Fold
Website: +

Bottom Line: Dense rock sound that combines Pink Floyd-esque psychedelia with modern rock ideas to create a very ethereal mood.

Band: Designated Johnny
Genre: Ska
Album: Back Down EP
Website: +
Bottom Line: Gleeful, swaggering, attitude-filled ska that is conducive to dancing, yelling along, and generally going nuts.

Band: Bryan Kitchens
Genre: Ambient
Album: n/a

Bottom Line: Kitchens is armed with highly absorbing ambient guitar epics that unfold elegantly. His songs get better each time you hear them.

Band: Remainder3
Genre: Post-grunge/art-rock
Album: Southern Glitch EP
Website: +
Bottom Line: Smashing Pumpkins-esque slabs of grunge chased by moody, melodic, temperamental sections in a great example of true post-grunge.

Band: Ringer T

Genre: Mellow indie / folk
Album: This Place
Bottom Line: Caught between folk and pop-rock, this band makes some seriously beautiful and lightly rocking music that’s perfect to chill to. It’s your call on which side (folksy or poppy) is better.

Band: This is Rocket Science

Genre: Indie-rock
Album: n/a
Label: n/a

Bottom Line: Whirling, dreamy, passionate songs that are propelled by equal parts fuzzed-out guitar, distant vocals, and galloping drums.

-Stephen Carradini

Stephen Carradini and friends write reviews of instrumental music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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