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Stephen’s Top Ten of 2005, along with some other observations.

Stephen’s Top Ten of 2005, along with some other observations.

Harris – The Light is Seeping Through the Cracks. Takes all the clichés from all the scenes (indie rock, post-punk, post-hardcore, et al) and turns them on their head, making one amazing album of genre-spanning indie rock.

Sufjan Stevens – Come On! Feel the Illinoise! I know it’s all over the place on top ten lists: it’s that good. If you want to chill, this is it for you. Everything contained in it is beautiful and thoughtful.

The Futurists- Axis and Allies EP. These four guys manage to sound completely innovative with nothing more than guitar/guitar/bass/drums. Top-notch dark and moody indie rock.

The Felix Culpa – Thought Control EP/DVD. Would’ve placed higher if there were more songs. The ones that are there are stellar, and the packed DVD clinches the deal easily.

Iver- Citadel of Stars EP. Two members, both pianists and vocalists, use their amazing chemistry to crank out some beautiful indie-pop masterpieces.

Cordova – Lie Until It Becomes the Truth EP. Dream pop, post-hardcore, and rock’n’roll thrown in a blender. Results scrutinized like no tomorrow, pieced together in most logical patterns, then committed to tape. “Riot in Suburbia” is my favorite song of the year.

Mommy and Daddy- Duel at Dawn. Dance-rock at its fastest, sludgiest, and most awesome.

Page France- Hello, Dear Wind. Whimsical indie pop with nonsensical lyrics contrasted against deep themes. Quirky and beautiful all the way through.

Reed KD- s/t. An unassuming acoustic singer/songwriter with beautiful, melancholy melodies that are perfect to relax to.

White Foliage- Zurich EP. Bizarre experimental pop that gets inside your head and just can’t be rid of. Ethereal, odd, and beautiful.

Honorable Mentions: In Arcadia- If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It and Latterman – No Matter Where We Go…!

Coolest album title: This World is Scary as Fuck by Marc with a C

Best news: The Hive opens in Tulsa. Finally, more than one place to play in town.

Most Unexpected News: #1 Defender breaks up and forms A Thousand Leagues Below.

Worst news: Shinedown and Ten Years rule the radio. Doesn’t the public have ears anymore?

Best Label: Fall Records- They released two brilliantly unique albums and didn’t bat an eye that they really had nothing to do with each other musically. Both bands made it into the top ten (Page France, The White Foliage).

Coolest art: White Foliage – Zurich EP. The thing’s an actual painting.

Worst art: Cordova – Lie Until It Becomes the Truth EP. It’s gaudy and annoying.