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T13c-T13c EP

September 1, 2007

Band Name: T13c

Album Name: T13c EP

Best Element: Catchy synth-supported pop-punk

Genre: Pop-Punk/Electronic


Label: Self-released

Florida pop-punk rockers Ten13concept, or T13c for short, deliver a solid, if disappointingly short and unvaried, effort with their self-titled EP.

The six-piece band obviously knows how to write music well. The six songs on the EP are all well done, consisting of heavy pop-punk in the vein of bands like Sugarcult and Yellowcard. Driven by melodies on the synthesizer, the songs are all catchy and are complimented by lead vocals from guitarists Joe Loffredo and Chris Torres. Each of their voices blend well together and hold up exceptionally on their own.

The CD opens with “From The Stereo,” an ultimately throw-away track which only serves as an extended intro for the second track, “California (We’ve Had Enough)”. “California” is one of the stand-out tracks with a driving beat on the drums, some of the CD’s more memorable lyrics in its chorus and the incorporation of horns in certain sections for a bit of a ska feel. It’s just fun to listen to.

“These Cars Collide” and “Engine Down” are more along the lines of the emo-tinged pop-punk that is so prevalent today. These songs show that the band owes a lot of its influences to the likes of Sugarcult, though T13c’s lyrics are more along the lines of early My Chemical Romance and other pop-emo acts. This influence tends to overpower the songs, making you think more about what other bands T13c sound like.

Without a doubt, “The Match, The Flame, The Fire” is the best song on the CD. With a strong pop-punk intro featuring some great drums from Danny Strong and a lengthy ska breakdown, it is easily the most memorable song on the CD. The blending of horns and synthesizer is especially noteworthy. This is the song that gives the band its own distinct sound. More please.

Closing is “Untitled,” which reverts back to the sound established by “These Cars Collide” and “Engine Down.” While the song is better than those previous two, with more catchy and memorable lyrics, the song still sounds too derivative of other band’s to let it hold up.

This release does show T13c’s potential through songs like “California” and “The Match, The Flame, The Fire,” but it also shows that they need to discover more of their own sound rather than the type of sound that will attract the teenage scene-kid girls. They have the ability, for sure. They just need some work.

-Nate Williams

Stephen Carradini and Lisa Whealy write reviews of instrumental, folk, and singer/songwriter music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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