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Stephen’s Most Listened To of the Year

Last updated on December 17, 2019

This year was a year of experimentation at Independent Clauses. I spent a lot of time in the beginning and middle of the year making Spotify playlists of instrumental music and covering minimal work found by press release. The back of half of the year saw me going back to the traditional Independent Clauses style of album reviews. Because I had two different types of work this year, I’m going to have two different lists. Tomorrow’s will be the traditional “best of” list, where I list the stuff I thought was the best that came out this year. This first list will be a list of what I listened to the most on Spotify over the year from most to least. Some of these came out this year, most didn’t.

1. Zelda and Chill – Mikel.

2. Master Spy – RAC.

3. Marimba Suites: Gwendolyn Burgett Thrasher Plays Her Transcriptions of Six Cello Suites by J. S. Bach – Gwendolyn Burgett Thrasher.

4. TRON: Legacy Reconfigured – Daft Punk & Various Artists.

5. Monument Valley 2 Original Game Soundtrack – Todd Baker.

6. Poké and Chill – Mikel.

7. Persuasion System – Com Truise.

8. Iteration – Com Truise.

9. Virðulegu Forsetar – Jóhann Jóhannsson.

10. Scenery – Snail’s House.

11. Walk Home Instead – Make Sure.

12. Scale – Various Artists (Bigo & Twigetti).

13. Party Starter – Antone.

14. Luminous Emptiness – Hang Massive.

15. [USA] – Anamanaguchi.

16. Ex – KJ.

17. Mustard After Dinner – Fighting Kites.

18. Englabörn & Variations – Jóhann Jóhannsson.

19. The Appearance of Colour – John Metcalfe.

20. Cold Math – Panfur.

21. Mister Lies – Mister Lies.

22. Bioluminescence – Teen Daze.

23. Spells – KJ.

24. Sunset & Formosa – DJ Dister.

25. Silk Music Presents Shingo Nakamura 02.

26. MODVLXXR – 0010×0010.

Honorable Mentions:

Hasta El Cielo (Con Todo El Mundo in Dub) – Khruangbin.

Traversable Wormhole Vol. 6-10 – Traversable Wormhole.