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There have always been not enough emo Christmas songs. Maybe everyone’s too happy on Christmas to write an emo song, which, as we all know, are mostly depressing. Still, emo Christmas songs are cool, and I thank Stanxa for bringing along the best one I’ve ever heard.

“(Caught In The Headlights) On a Christmas Night” is indicative of Stanxa style: A long, drawn out emo masterpiece of complete melodicity and volume.  Their guitars are either flowing or crunching, the bass is thumping, and the singer is either crooning in his overtly British, melodic voice or nearly screaming. In fact, one of the three spine-tingling moments of this album comes when Tom Lennard screams “Your world has gone, cloud eats the sun” during the chorus. Another gut-wrenching moment is the end of “You Bring The Heart, I’ll Bring The Stake” where the two guitars play one of the prettiest duets I’ve heard in a long time. The third and final moment is during the all-around best song: “Wound”. The grunge-fueled masterpiece features a fantastic drum intro (the drumming throughout this album is top-notch) and a massive, heaving grunge breakdown that thrilled me.

This is some good hyper-melodic British emo. It could be better, as one track (Love Bites) is a dud and the rest all seem vaguely familiar, but overall, this is worth it. Highly entertaining, Stanxa is a sure bet.


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