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Soundsupply! Now with more … everything!

February 8, 2014

Soundsupply, who I’ve been seriously into since their early going, have been moving on up in the world. The organization curates 10 albums (often based on a theme) and packages them up for a limited time at $15. It’s an incredible deal, and they feature really good music. (Lots of music that Independent Clauses covers, if I may give myself a little pat on the back.) They’ve been picking up clout recently (and maybe even Klout, what up), and so they’ve been taking on more and more ambitious projects.

The biggest thing they’ve got going right now has moved them right off their (brand new!) website and into Groupon; they’ve paired up with fun. (you may have heard of them) to curate a drop that raises funds for The Ally Coalition.

They’ve also got a drop going from Polyvinyl, and an eBook drop. I think this is what they call “making waves.”


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