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Sohodolls-Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation A&G Records

SohodollsRibbed Music for the Numb Generation

A&G Records

Modern rock with an unrelenting sex drive.

If listening to the modern electric rock of Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation doesn’t create an urgent need to strip off a few layers, it’s not the fault of the Sohodolls. A compact and portable orgy, Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation is edgy rock laden with blatantly sexual lyrics. Like a lover, it’s an ever changing interchange of seduction and a cold shoulder. It’s Barry White for a modern generation.

Claiming influences from such a range of artists as Missy Elliot to Nirvana, the Sohodolls are truly a sound of their own. Their sound is a mix of electric, punk, rock and roll and lust, and it’s anything but dull.

Starting off with one of the released singles, “Stripper,” the Sohodolls are clear in their message. In a song describing the world of strip clubs and numb women, the rhythm and guitar is cool and Maya von Doll’s voice could narrate a wet dream.

Many of the songs feature a similar sound, but the band shows some diversity in “Bang Bang Bang Bang,” a calm cool in the midst of harder, edgier rock. “I’m Not Cool” is also a change from the electric rock style featured in songs such as “Stripper” and “Right and Right Again.” But even though it’s jazzy and upbeat, the lyrics remain in the lusty and emotionally charged theme of the entire album.

It’s all about love, sex, fear and the streets at night. What else could you expect from a band who promises to “show you all the pleasures of Soho,” and wants to be “your poisoned dish, all sick senses enhanced?”

In the words of the Sohodolls, they are “hotter than your average bitch.” They’re a one night stand you can experience over and again. Just remember to use protection when listening.

Hannah Kokjohn