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Soft Complex-Barcelona EP

March 1, 2007

soft-complexSoft ComplexBarcelona EP
80’s synth rock revivalists establish a solid sonic footing.
Silverthree Sound

Barcelona, the debut EP by Washington, DC-based supergroup Soft Complex, begins with a solo funk guitar which is soon awash with wispy vocals and lovelorn melodies. The title track, which opens the EP, is an example of how great the 80’s synth rock revival can be. Catchy without being obnoxious, polished without losing personality and downbeat without being boring, it’s a great pop song. The following two original tracks are also successful, though they don’t quite add up to the strength of “Barcelona.” The catchy verses of “Beat The Chill” are a highlight, while “Sad Note” takes a bit longer to establish itself. Still, all three tracks display the songwriting and production strength of this young band. They will be one to watch in the future.
The remainder of the EP is filled out with remixes, all of which are extensions of the original three tracks. The final one (a great version of “Barcelona”) is the most noteworthy.

Nick James

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