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So it Goes-Historionics

Band Name: So it Goes

Album Name: Historionics

Best Element: Catchy, make-you-want-to-dance beats

Genre: Dance/rock


Label: Self-released

In Historionics, So it Goes has created a surprisingly listenable dance-pop/rock record. It’s full of catchy hooks, excellent guitar work and cool electronic beeps. Throughout the album, the lyrics remain relatively unintelligible, but that doesn’t matter—these songs are that awesome.

I’m just gonna come right out and say it—I’m not hip. Heck, I’ve never even seen hip, but the second track on this album “No Guns, No Love” seems like something that hip people somewhere at some kind of party might dance to. The lyrics are limited largely to constructions involving the words guns and love – think The Rapture’s “House of Jealous Lovers.”

“Propaganda” not only makes me think of people dancing, it makes me want to dance. I can’t even tell you how significant that is. In fact, I’m still reconciling myself to the fact that I want to dance. This song and this album as a whole is so good and so accessible that I, an avowed non-dancer who is largely unimpressed with this genre, can’t help but tap my feet a little. It’s a pity I can’t dance and type simultaneously.

“Defcon One” is a great song for so many reasons. For one thing, it starts with a sample of an air raid siren. I’m not kidding. This is one of those songs that would fit very nicely in the ending credits of a summer blockbuster people see for the sheer joy of movie watching. It’s catchy, it’s exuberant, it’s full of blazing guitars…it just works.

My only complaint with this album is all the songs sound the same. They’re cool, and it’s a good sound, but it’s the same sound throughout.

Unfortunately, I can offer very little in terms of sound-a-likes. In short, if you like dancing or would like to try dancing, Historionics is for you.

-Brian Burns