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Singles Megamix!

October 10, 2013

Now that the server stuff has all been resolved, I’ve recovered from my illness, and even trimmed my beard, IC is back on its game. Here’s a megamix of singles that came my way in September and early October.

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

1. “Land” – I, The Mountain. This band isn’t afraid to rock out a tune that starts out as a delicate folk tune, and the tension between the two moods makes the song. The video is also fun!

2. “Pinhole of Light” – Heart-Ships. If the Walkmen, The National, and Interpol collaborated on a tune, it might be this twitchy, nervous, and ultimately incredibly catchy.
3. “Dream On / Dream Off” – Ghost Twins. Shoegaze meets a four-on-the-floor beat and dark guitar riffs. I’m pretty sure this would be incredible live.
4. “Till You See” – Magazine Society. Dance-rock with a swooning emotive bent in the chorus? Muse would be proud.
5. “Big Night” – My Grey Horse. Hazy in mood but precise in execution, My Grey Horse walks the thin line between indie-pop and indie-rock memorably.
6. “Do You Ever?” – Phia. If you’re not familiar with the kalimba, Phia will show you how to use it in an infectious pop song. FFO: Regina Spektor, M.I.A., Ingrid Michaelson.
7. “Beginning” – FIGHTs. Nigh on unexplainable, except that this is the most celebratory instincts of several genres all clamoring for the attention of your ears at once. Absolutely great.
8. “8 Bit Intro + Hide in the Light” – Sir Wes Al Gress. Reaching into Girl Talk-influenced areas, Sir Wes gives us a fractured, bouncy, interesting take on electro.
9. “Tears Apart” – Letters to Fiesta. Combining Fleetwood Mac mysticism with propulsive post-punk rhythms and feel, things get awesome real quickly here.
10. “Caribbean Cask” – Casual Strangers. Do they have beaches on other planets? If so, this is the gently rolling soundtrack to your interstellar mai tai.
11. “Parking Drama” – Turing. This 15 minutes of slowly-unfolding, guitar-driven post-rock achieves that rare (but coveted) feel of a true dramatic/cinematic event via distinct movements.
12. “Hear Me Out” – Paper Electric. Somewhere between Bjork’s unusual moods and The Postal Service’s clickitack indie-pop lies the oddly engaging Paper Electric.
13. “Monday” – Lonely Child. Chill R&B that calls up Radiohead tensions … with beatboxing. Yes.
14. “Listen” – Teen Daze. Teen Daze doesn’t need my help but his music is just so beautiful. I have to keep posting it.
15. “All’s Not Spoken” – Kayte Grace. Smooth, gospel-inflected singer/songwriter immerses me with strong vocals and trumpet.


Stephen Carradini and Lisa Whealy write reviews of instrumental, folk, and singer/songwriter music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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