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Seven Seconds of Love…with Seven Seconds of Love

Seven Seconds of Love…with Seven Seconds of Love is a bizarre, hilarious comedy site that relies heavily on music and random British humor for effect. The British humor comes from the fact that creator Joel Veitch is British, oddly enough. The love of music that is displayed in is also displayed in another area of Veitch’s life- his ska band Seven Seconds of Love. Monsieur Veitch took a few minutes of his time to talk with Brent Baldwin, and this is the madness that came forth.

Independent Clauses: So you’re the main guy from Seven Seconds of Love. Could you give us a brief history of the band and tell us who does what?

Joel Veitch: Well, I’m not really the main guy. The band is a collaboration and everyone is as important as everyone else.

I (AKA Stallion Explosion) do the vocals.

Alex (my brother, AKA The Mighty Mighty Veitch Man) plays keys

Big Ed (AKA Love Tubes) plays the trumpet

Little Ed (AKA Sticks) plays the drums

Pat (AKA Cap’n Pat) plays the guitar

Steve (AKA Fingers) plays the bass

Ian (AKA Chaynsaw) plays the sax

Everybody writes the songs.

IC: Most people would describe your music as a ska-esque neo-jazz style. How would you describe it?

JV: Would they really? I guess I’d describe it as Ska Punk Kickass Fucking Mayhem that will Rock Your Face.

IC: What artists/groups do you all listen to…and who are your influences?

JV: Ooh, there are too many to list. I guess, the Specials, Madness, the Dead Kennedys, Prince Buster and The Ukelele Orchestra Of Great Britain would be at the top of the list though.

IC: You guys have some very random song subjects, as is obvious in songs like “Your Mum’s Your Dad” and “First Drink of the Day”. What inspires you to write about such random subjects?

JV: Booze.

IC: You are writing an album right now…are you searching for any type of theme or are you trying to stick with a random feel-good type music like you have going with the three songs you’ve posted on

JV: To be honest, we’re concentrating mainly on happy bouncy Ska stuff at the moment. We do have a few songs in other styles- rock and funk mainly, which we enjoy playing but probably don’t sit too well in our live set. The question at the moment is whether we record these as the rathergood band and keep them separate from the 7 Seconds Of Love stuff, or whether we record them as 7 Seconds Of Love and have an album with a couple of different styles of music in it. I’m not sure which way this will go at the moment.

IC: You all are a British band playing a more American style of music. What do you think distinguishes British and American music from each other?

JV: It’s probably the sax that makes us sound American. Chaynsaw is American, so he plays with an American accent. That said, the international language of Loveskank transcends national boundaries…….. man.

IC: Do you ever plan to release one of your music videos (or another that’s like what you’ve done) to any music television-type networks?

JV: Oh yes, of course. We will do that at some point.

IC: Do you think your brief Quizno’s ad stint (with those crazy spongmonkeys) will help the success of 7 Seconds of Love?

JV: I’d think so, at least to some extent, in that a lot of people in America seem to say “oh, you’re the Quizno’s guy” even if they don’t know rathergood, so it’s been good for my profile, and what is good for me should in theory be good for the band, too.

IC: Speaking of 7 Seconds of Love…is that like an inside joke or something? It’s a hilarious name…

JV: It’s not really an inside joke. There’s 7 of us, so we only need to manage 1 second of love each. Which is much more manageable than any one of us trying to last for a full 7 seconds.

IC: What do you like best about being in 7 Seconds of Love and what do you like best about Do you perhaps enjoy one more than the other? (ha, just prying…)

JV: I love playing live – it’s fantastic. That’s easily the best thing. I prefer that to doing web stuff of course. I also deeply love rathergood though- it’s my baby after all, and it’s very important to me. The two things complement each other very nicely.

IC: It seems with 7 guys in a band it would be hard to write songs,

especially with all of the different tastes strewn throughout the band. How do you guys go about writing your tunes?

JV: No, it’s not hard at all. All the guys are great song writers. When we get together to practice, there’s always someone who’s thought out a rough idea, and we work them through with the band collaboratively, honing them into musical masterpieces over time.

IC: Random question…if any world leader was to become your biggest fan…who would you want it to be and why?

JV: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, because he’s named after a girly skirt.

IC: Do all the guys in 7 Seconds of Love ever hang out outside of the band, and if so, what do you guys do?

JV: Yeah, we do. Mainly we drink booze, discuss how great it will be when we’re international rock legends and plan what kind of Zepellins, submarines and hovercraft we’ll buy when we’re all massively rich.

IC: Do you think you’ll ever write a song about one of your characters on like Blode or the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom?

JV: Funnily enough, we’ve just written one about The Mighty Mzungu. So yes.

IC: Final question…Where do you see 7 Seconds of Love in a year from now…or even 7 seconds from now (ha…)?

JV: Definitely with a strangle-hold on the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, playing enormous gigs to hundreds of thousands of people on the moon and with our own sinister lair beneath a huge dome on the floor of the ocean.

-Interview conducted by Brent Baldwin in the month of July.