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September Videos, pt. 1

Last updated on September 12, 2017

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say this is one of the most impressive music videos I’ve ever seen. The concept, the story, the cinematography, the pairing of the story with the sound of the song: it’s all flawless. It’s a beautiful, haunting, mesmerizing clip. Highly recommended.

A lot of bands want to be surreal and off-kilter, but I’ve never seen anyone do it as compellingly as Finn Keenan does it for Enemies in their “Play Fire” clip. They turn the use of repetition and reversal from a parlor trick into a celebration of granular motion, concluding in one of the most carefully architected set-pieces I’ve ever seen in a music video. It reminded me of inception in its fine-grained attention to detail that turns into a enormously rewarding whole. It’s remarkable. Highly recommended.

In this excellently-done video, Solai beautifully embodies the concept of the tune (“I see your ghost”) in three dancers who perform their way through a man’s pedestrian life. The cinematographic effects are impeccably done, the color palette is perfect for the tune, and the overall effect is incredible. Highly recommended.

Oryx and Crake’s video is great on its own, repurposing the titular core statement (“The world will take care of me”) from a defiant statement aimed at a lover to something much grander and more complex. The story behind the video adds another layer on. Really, really great stuff here.

In Tall Buildings’ “Flare Gun” is one of my favorite tunes in recent memory, and it gets a visually arresting treatment in this clip that juxtaposes a space traveler with shots of the natural world. Just lovely.

This one’s simple yet high-concept: the story of the tune is mirrored in the story of the video. Props to Say Yes Dog for creating a thoughtful, pensive analog to a dance tune.

WindfallFound’s “Floating (Pulling for the Heavens, pt 2)” also focuses on outer space visuals–in contrast, these ones are serene and contemplative.

I only lived in Austin for three-ish months, so I hardly count as a resident. Nevertheless, Justin Fallen and the Angels’ clip for “Dancehall (Rhythm of a Saturday Night)” makes me nostalgic for the city by featuring Austin landmarks. There’s also a great amount of dancing, which always endears me to a video.