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Scarlet Slipping-Fire in the Mist

scarletslippingBand Name: Scarlet Slipping

Album Name: Fire in the Mist

Best Element: Beautiful, ethereal music and singing

Genre: Gothic/Ambient


Label Name: Self-released

Band E-mail:

Scarlet Slipping, aka Dawn Wagner, is the creator of beautiful, beautiful music.

It is amazing that everything you hear on Fire in the Mist was created by one extremely talented woman. The music, the lyrics, and the production were all done by Scarlet Slipping herself, and that shows not only how talented she is, but how passionate about her music she is.

The music is so intricate and ethereal – it’s hard to describe it any other way. Her haunting vocals, coupled with the unearthly sounds in the background, and often somber sounding electric piano, is somehow beautiful and sad at the same time.

In spite of that, there is something soothing about Scarlet Slipping’s music. It is easy to sit back and just get lost in the sound, carried away by her words and taken away to another state of consciousness. Her music is moving and, in spite of the ethereal quality, has a certain level of intensity. It is sensitive, but powerful.

Scarlet Slipping is, simply put, a great listen. It is something unique and non-commercial but wonderful.

-Andrea Caruso