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Roy Ashen/Sugar and Gasoline

Roy Ashen/Sugar and Gasoline

Best Feature: This is intense, passionate, and heartfelt music.

Genre: Alternative Rock


Record Label: Catapult Productions

Roy Ashen loves what he does and it shows. His music is intense and passionate, ethereal and sensual. Ashen’s sound reflects the general mid-to-late 90’s alternative rock sound without sounding antiquated. He incorporates some of Matthew Sweet’s upbeat sounds, as well as traces of Soul Asylum’s more grungy sounds, but also remains sweetly sincere through his potently poetic lyrics and the genuine quality of his vocals. He writes from the heart, sings from the heart, and performs from the heart- in short, Ashen is extraordinarily talented. This album runs 56:10 and never gets stale. At the risk of sounding cliché, Roy Ashen gives you the best bang for your buck because every minute is worth listening to.

-Andrea Goodwin