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Rosematter-Shooter’s Gonna Choke

RosematterShooter’s Gonna Choke

Oort Records

Fun and energetic pop-rock.

Rosematter explodes out the speakers from the very first second of their debut album, Shooter’s Gonna Choke. Lying somewhere between blink-182 and Paramore, Rosematter tackles the pop-rock genre with a balls-to-the-wall attitude that gives an undeniable energy to the entire album.

The music is bright and catchy, especially due to guitarists Matt Bozievich and Lucas Corish. There’s not too much crunch to bog down the sound, but there’s enough to make it feel like you can bang your head while you’re happily singing along. They also pull off some great, if somewhat standard, riffs. The real star here, though, is vocalist Katie Kolos. As Wayne Campbell of Wayne’s World might say, “That chick can wail.” It’s Kolos’s voice that really makes the music come to life.

The band obviously has a nerdy side and a good sense of humor. The tracks on Shooter’s Gonna Choke have titles that have nothing to do with the songs and are generally some sort of pop-culture reference, such as references to Ghostbusters II, Spaceballs, Chuck Norris and Fievel Goes West. These titles that you can laugh off just add to the fun of the album.

Some of the stand out tracks include “Do, Re, Egon,” “Chuck Norris Jokes Aren’t Funny Anymore,” “Your Mom Doesn’t Count as a Fan, Jesse,” and “I Drink to Prepare for a Fight (Tonight I’m Very Prepared),” all for being particularly more catchy and fun than the others, whether for particularly good vocals, lyrics or guitars.

In fact, every song is catchy and every song is fun, which leads to one problem: they ultimately start to blend together. However, with the overall quality of each song, it’s not that big of a problem. A little more variety in tone would have been welcome. Something like a ballad would have been nice, but even so, the album is a hell of a lot of fun to listen to.

The newfound Oort Record label is really finding some good talent and people should be looking out for Rosematter. There is a lot of potential here.

Nathan Williams