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Rory-Always Right As In We Are

roryBand Name: Rory
Album Name: Always Right As In We Are
Best Element: High energy, catchyness
Genre: Poppy indie-rock
Label Name: 111 Records (
Band E-mail:

111 Records seems to crank out a limitless amount of great music, and Rory is no exception. This is a band that is quickly making a name for itself in the Orlando, FL area, and with good reason: they are a solid, enthusiastic, talented group of people who have come together with the purpose of making outstanding music.

The title of this CD (Always Right As In We Are) is the perfect description of the music. There is nothing wrong with this five song CD. It is addictive in every sense of the word. It is catchy from start to finish, with incredible hooks that you can’t help but get stuck in your head and keep singing to yourself all day. When it ends, you can’t help but hit the “repeat” button on your CD player to keep the experience going. The song names are interesting as well; with songs titled “This Could Have Been a Dance Dance Revolution, But Now It’s Just A Dance”, and “Packed More Trunks Than a New Jersey Mob”, you can’t help but be intrigued even before you hear the music.

All humor aside, the music itself is superb. They have a style that could be described as Taking Back Sunday meets Hot Rod Circuit, with high-energy riffs and catchy sing-along lines in each song. It is always obvious when a band’s members all have a passion for the band, and Rory exemplifies this. There is no weak link- they all have a passion and intensity for their music.

If you haven’t heard of Rory yet, you will hear of them soon enough, as this is a band destined for greatness. But why wait for that? If this style of music is your thing, you should not walk, but run, to your nearest record store or go to the website and get this CD now. You won’t be disappointed.

-Andrea Caruso