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RIFU-Dead End Street

rifuBand Name: RIFU

Album Name: Dead End Street

Best Element: Great blend between punk and hardcore
Genre: punk/hardcore

Label Name: Go-Kart Records Europe

Band E-mail:

It’s not very often that I get an album that embraces the original punk and hardcore scene as much as Dead End Street[u/”> does. This Norwegian band really knows how to rock. Their use of hardcore tones matched with punk-fueled lyrics really sets them apart from other bands on the scene. Some of the songs on Dead End Street [u/”> feel politically motivated, which I feel borders the punk genre, but their sound says hardcore all the way.

RIFU is a band I can appreciate. I love hardcore and punk, and the marriage between the two is so good that you feel like jumping up and moshing the very moment you hear them. Dead End Street [u/”> is in English, but personally, I would have liked to hear some Norwegian just for flavor.. Their music is awesome, but the band could not achieve their sound without the help of the singer. His voice completes the ass-kicking sound that is produced when punk meets hardcore. It just wouldn’t be the same without it.

On the other hand, I would have liked to hear a bit more clarity lyrically. Some of the vocals can seem muddy at times, and I like to be able to hear every word in a song. This is only personal preference, though. Other than that RIFU’s Dead End Street[u/”> is a knock-out album. If you get a chance, pick up Dead End Street [u/”>- it’s one of those albums you will not regret buying.

-Zack Albrecht