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Remnant-A Life Lived EP

Band Name: Remnant

Album Name: A Life Lived EP

Best Element: Positive lyrics, good guitar tone

Genre: Modern Rock / Alternative Rock


Label Name: Self-released

What first caught my eye when I opened Remnant’s five-song EP A Life Lived was the simple recycled brown cardboard envelope. My hopes were raised as I began to anticipate a unique, DIY-inspired album. I leafed through the stack of boutique-paper note cards covered with fine script lyrics; I became even more intrigued. However, after reading through the lyrics my hopes began to deflate. Although chock full of positive lyrics and imbued with a good message, the writing itself lacked ingenuity. I shrugged my shoulders and popped A Life Lived into my stereo for a listen.

Not knowing what to expect as far as style, I was a bit miffed when I was confronted with the rich guitar tones characteristic of a 90s modern-rock outfit. The lead singer’s voice confirmed this as he belted in a vocal texture reminiscent of some offspring of Creed and Pearl Jam. Listening for something that might distinguish Remnant from numerous carbon copies, I waded through A Life Lived with fingers crossed, ears perked. “Only a Memory,” the third track, opened with a fresh drumbeat and a catchy, indie rock flavored guitar lead. “I can dig this,” I thought to myself for a moment. Unfortunately, I was denied reassurance. After the introduction, “Only a Memory” lapsed back into the alternative rock mode, which typifies this album.

As I made my way to the close of A Life Lived, I felt as though I had just lived a lifetime listening to this album. It’s not that Remnant doesn’t have talent and potential; they’ve got both. The production on A Life Lived was more than I expected from the earthy, home-brewed CD envelope. Their lyrics, although a little flat, aimed at high sentiments. These guys want to say something important; they’ve got good production, they’re tight and they can play their instruments well. Let’s hope they can find a new sound to convey an important message.

—Timothy C. Avery