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Range Defective-For the Cost of the Shirt Off Your Back EP

rangedefectiveBand Name: Range Defective

Album Name: For the Cost of the Shirt Off Your Back EP

Best Element: Great, cohesive rock songwriting

Genre: Rock


Label Name: Self-released

Band E-mail: N/A

Range Defective plays rock. They make no nonsense about it either- they fall somewhere between the Doors, the Strokes, and the Ramones. The time-perfect, very clean drumming of the Strokes, the odd breakdowns and sound of the Doors, and the healthy, rebellious attitude of the Ramones are all wrapped up in Range Defective. It’s a formula that has much potential, but needs a lot of space to grow.

The best moments of this quick EP come when there are no vocals, as the instruments field a great chemistry. They are consistently interesting, whether it be on the grungy “Your Time is Up”, the down-and-dirty rock of “March 17th”, or the more pop-oriented “A Penny for My Thoughts”. Sometimes the sound is full, sometimes it’s not- but wherever the instruments wander to, it sounds good.

The problem here is the vocals. Throughout the entire EP, the vocals are loud, prone to falling out of key, and off-time. They grate on the ears, and the melodies the vocals come up with don’t exactly connect with the listener. It seems that for the time being, Range Defective would be much better served with a different vocalist or no vocalist at all- the instrumentals are that good.

The exciting thing about Range Defective is that they are excellent musically- as they grow, they will become more and more brilliant songwriters. The not-so-exciting part is the vocals, which are only slowing down the great songwriting on this EP.