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Quick Hits: Jacques Greene

Last updated on February 14, 2022

Jacques Greene‘s Fantasy merges ambient, trip-hop and downtempo electronica into a misty, murky, elegant collection of five tracks (six on the vinyl release). Breathy melismatics, subterranean bass, clickitat drumming and dense lead synths create a fully-realized atmosphere that honestly sounds like the album art looks. (Always nice when the sound and the visuals complement each other!)

Opener “Taurus” is about as speedy as trip-hop can get, creating a tension between the tempo and the thick waves of sonic greenery. “Memory Screen + Fantasy” dials back the drums a bit but still productively builds off the difference between beats and drones. “Relay” starts off like “Taurus” but melts into a strict techno approach with little ringing synth notes as ornaments. “Sky River ft Satomimagae” explores vocals more thoroughly, letting Satomimagae lead the way over delicate layers of her own voice. “Leave Here” wraps it up in a similar style to “Taurus,” but with a most nostalgic, wistful cast. Ultimately, these songs produce a thick, dense quilt of sound that would fit beautifully with cold weather, forests, and slow life pace. (Despite the drums.) Highly recommended.