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Quick Hit: Wall-Eyed

Last updated on January 5, 2022


Wall-Eyed‘s I Wanna Wreck Yer Car EP is a really fun 15 minutes. The acoustic-punk outfit pours all the ragged intensity of a punk band into an acoustic guitar, drums, bass, banjo, trumpet, and whistling. The songs retain a thrilling feeling of off-the-cuff candor in performance style and vocal tone, which makes “Exile” and “Like a Playwright” just a blast to listen to.

This isn’t the sort of outfit that prizes imperfections, but they’re certainly more interested in playing with passion and enthusiasm than laying down every rhythm 100% correctly. Wall-Eyed, in other words, sounds like your really talented friends hanging out and having a good time without worrying about anything. That loose magic is infectious. If you’re into any sort of energetic music, it’s a fair bet that you’ll be attracted to Wall-Eyed.