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Quick Hit: Tom Hades

April 17, 2020

Tom Hades‘ Parade of Planets EP is a perfect follow-on to one of my favorite releases of last year: Traversable Wormhole’s Regions of Time. Both have a sci-fi theme and both love pounding bass in their tough, punchy techno cuts. Hades’ “Sadr” is a no-nonsense techno banger, throwing down bass hits like punches (my favorite way) and accentuating with no-frills beats plus a small amount of swirling synths. This is body-shakin’ stuff.

“Nahn” gets appropriately spacey and tense before dropping into the heavy groove. It’s got lots of ominous, richocheting snares to keep the dark vibe going even in the groove. “Rigor” starts off with piano and pseudo-theremin, sounding very cold, distant, and properly like the dark between stars. It kicks off into a less-punchy version of Hades’ work (read: still very punchy) that has a rattling percussion line keeping the thing going. It’s a lot moodier than the previous two tracks, and the change of pace is nice. There’s a rework of “Sadr” by Oliver Deutschmann to round things out. Overall, a very solid release of some deep, heavy techno.


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