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Quick Hit: San Salvo

Last updated on January 6, 2022

We’re trippin’ out, right? We have stepped into a new reality in 2021, attempting to chase away unseen enemies. Well, maybe that perspective is just me, but Brooklyn’s Matt C. White may think so too. The latest instrumental from his latest project San Salvo’s debut release Rarities inhabits rock’s divine sonic spaces.

As a big fan of Joe Russo’s work, this album ticks all the boxes for me and people who love instrumental rock journeys. Bringing together some of New York City’s diverse musical talent–such as White’s Grandpa Jack bandmate Jared Schaker along with Sean Smith of Rubblebucket and Kaleta & Super Yamba Band–Matt makes an amalgamation of rock, jazz, and slow groove. It’s simply cool and stunning all at the same time.

The five-song EP, tracked in White’s Brooklyn home recording studio, defies logic. Its clear sonic sophistication adds to the musical time travel trip. Mastered beautifully, Rich Morales has certainly earned his reputation as an audio wizard. Morales helps create a cohesive power trio effort where each instrument’s voice reverberates together, alone. I don’t want to think of this release as anything but a cohesive unit–it would bastardize the music by singling out one track or another. Each member influenced the compositional trajectory of individual songs, but the result is one long, unified statement.

Matt C. White’s debut Wallow in the Hollow is still on my go-to playlist. San Salvo’s Rarities just joined the party, too.--Lisa Whealy