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Quick Hit: Paul J Phillips


I’m familiar with Paul J. Phillips‘ folky persona, so the assured rock vibe that bursts out of the five-song release Magic surprised me. From the get-go on “Time, Time,” he hits the listener with fuzzy guitar, thick bass, Motown horns, and tons of strut and swagger. His voice is right at home in the mix, swooning and swaying with the right mix of raucous energy and smoothness. I haven’t seen Get On Up yet, but…

The title track and “Da Blues” are a little more country-fied, calling to mind CCR and what might forever be known as That Song From the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer (“Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum). Jaunty piano, perky shakers, and well-placed strings give the former a classic, upbeat vibe that makes it a standout. “Fly Boy” moves more toward the Motown vibe, almost getting into soul territory. Phillips wraps things up with the appropriately titled “Till It’s Gone,” which pours the soul vocals into a wurly-heavy pop framework. Magic is a strong five-song outing that shows a fresh side of Phillips. The songs here are fun, but they’re also really tightly constructed. Phillips’ songwriting here is solid, and the vibes are good; I look forward to seeing what comes of this release.