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Quick Hit: Liam Mour

Last updated on January 6, 2022

Liam Mour‘s Ode to Youth is an EP of ambient / lo-fi electronic work that shows Mour’s vision starting to form. Mour has performed with Gold Panda and Four Tet, which are good markers of where his sound starts: hazy, warm, lithe textures that can snap into focus stay drifty with the inclusion of a very small number of elements. “Give Me Your Light And I’ll Drive” starts out ambiguously (somewhat warm, somewhat ominous) before turning toward the dark with the introduction of electronic and live percussion. Just the addition of the percussion tones shifts the vibe. It’s these delicate touches and deft switches that show a lot of promise. The nearly-10-minute “Are You Ready For A Change” is deeply ambient, playing with subtle note changes and graudally building volume to build an ethereal wash.

“Grainy 244” takes the darker tones of “Give Me Your Light” and adds more motion and sonic layers, evoking a darker Teen Daze. The title track pulls the “is this light or dark” ambiguity farther forward, resisting easy sonic categorization until the percussion kicks in after two minutes (it becomes a bit of a straightahead techno jam, honestly, which is fun but unexpected). Closer “You Can Only Say It Isn’t” gets pastoral, including found sound of children playing / talking with PSA-style announcements. It comes off as a maximum-chill Pogo jam–but it’s a bit of an outlier in the collection, what with its relying on vocals so much. Overall, Ode to Youth is a good EP that puts Mour’s name out there. He’s got a lot of interesting ideas, and he’s just starting to get them into the world. Very interested to see what he does next.