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Quick Hit: Jacob Faurholt

Last updated on January 6, 2022

Where have we been the last few days that have bled into weeks and years? Danish rock songwriter Jacob Faurholt’s Chaotic Piano embraces the role of the observer in these six tracks released through Raw Onion Records.

Faurholt joined forces with Trine Omø, Marc Kellaway, Jesper Merlit, Johannes Gammelby, and Kasper Marius Nørmark to create an aura that defies specific categorization. Recorded and mixed by Faurholt, Gammelby and Kellaway, the sonic textures feel like a sea chanty swirled with an isolationist’s tale of survival. Carl Saff’s mastering provides a cohesive sonic experience, capturing the essence of Faurholt’s songwriting. 

Commentary on our human experience cuts through the political noise like the title track’s discordant fade-out. Faurholt’s plaintive vocal style is a raw, authentic ache. It’s sheer perfection on “Finest of Mammals,” an uncluttered acoustic masterpiece. “As the Ship Came In” creates an ethereal experience via lyrical metaphor, dark and hopeful.

“Two Months, Or Forever” brings us on a global flight that folds influential 60’s global rock vibes into the embrace of quick acoustic hits. Fuzzed-out closer “Cross That Line” brings to mind Brooklyn’s Matt C. White. Embracing sonic chaos as contrast to stark lyricism, this track definitely will hit my top ten this year.

“We Got Lucky In Berlin” seems like the perfect finale here: rich instrumentation brilliantly mixed creates space and separation to consider nuanced, terror-filled questioning. Angst-filled, yet in some way hopeful, Jacob Faurholt’s Chaotic Piano hits home as the world moves on. –Lisa Whealy

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