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Quick Hit: Emotional Ty

Last updated on January 6, 2022

I’ve been getting into real deep cut techno, with Traversable Wormhole as my guide star. Emotional Ty‘s Roses and Aliens EP is a four-song 12″ vinyl release that traffics in straight-ahead techno bangers that is less foreboding and more slinky than Adam X’s output. Closer “Edge of the Horizon” is the highlight here, as Emotional Ty uses a warm, thrumming bass line and panning synth to imbue the most sense of personality of any of the four-on-the-floor bangers here.

“Mountains and Rivers” is a busy, skittering, percussion-heavy track with a ghostly sample of Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” for fun, while “Dream Journal” includes a spoken-word clip that adds a mysterious and emotional quality to punchy work. “Body Meridian” puts its head down and gets to work as a midpoint between dreamy post-dub and thumpin’ techno of the other three cuts–this would be a good transition piece for a DJ set. The four tracks here are all really solid, easily enjoyable techno cuts, and I look forward to more work from Emotional Ty.