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Quick Hit: Diamond Gloss

Diamond Gloss‘ FLK is a cross between minimalist composition and ambient vibes with some moments of low-key club electronica thrown in. Opener “Vocal Gloss” is a banger, as Diamond Gloss uses some patient bass to match a ringing arpeggiation and create the thump that people expect. But elsewhere the club aspect is tongue-in-cheek: “DJ Set Song” combines chipper arpeggiator, icy pad synths, and piano in any glacial, bass-less track. Follow-up “Project DJ” pulls the same trick with similar instruments but with more motion; there’s a remix in here somewhere that does turn this into a banger.

Elsewhere Diamond Gloss is more interested in art pieces, creating moods that are dense without being suffocating. “Project 2” includes breathy samples (or perhaps clips of prepared instruments?) against an insistent arpeggiator and wandering piano line without getting chaotic. It feels busy but without getting stressful. “Attic” is a glittering, cascading piece that dances around the ambient/club distinction. “August” is a sad, piano-led instrumental ballad. “Much Love” is a truly ambient piece, with layers of sounds woven together into a textural, slow-moving wall with spikes of activity. The whole album is lovely and clever, from the melodies to the arrangements to the song titles.