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Quick Hit: Charlie Belle


It’s Daylight Savings Time, which means it’s time for long, lazy, light-drenched evenings. The chipper, perky, unassuming guitar-pop of Charlie Belle‘s Get to Know is the perfect soundtrack to that quest. The trio sounds like an updated version of mid-era R.E.M., which is to say that there’s plenty of jangle, wordplay, and barely-contained energy.

Vocalist Jendayi Bonds uses her low voice in an easy and carefree manner, never seeming to push or strain. The results are five tracks that float along with an almost preternatural chill: the sound is relaxed without purposefully saying “YO WE ARE CHILL OVER HERE.” It’s the sort of band that you turn on for one song and end up listening to the whole thing, maybe twice. Here’s to spring.