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pretendoBand Name: Pretendo
Album Name: Pretendo
Best Element: Raw energy and talent
Genre: Alt. Indie rock
Label Name: Country Club Records
Band E-mail: info’

At first glance, Pretendo is just another alternative band, but upon closer inspection, you discover that they are a pumped-up ball of energetic rock. With their up-beat tempos and staggered timing, Pretendo comes off sounding like an indie mix of Franz Ferdinand and the Ramones. Their songs are catchy and simple. They base the song structure off of a few easy chords and end up with a complex 4-minute chunk of awesome.

Pretendo’s self titled album blends some of today’s mainstream indie sounds with the raw energy and talent that spawned the genre in the first place. They have an original sound that is unique to indie rock, but still fits nicely in the general category of “indie music”. Pretendo is definitely not one of the new MTV-made bands. They are a band of people who really love what they do, and this really reflects in their music.

One of the most common things I encounter when listening to an album is that I find myself becoming bored with it towards the end. Even though Pretendo is an awesome band, I still got a little bored with the music after a while. It’s not a horrible thing, but personally, I like it when a band throws a curveball. Sometimes you need to hear something different, like an acoustic song, or something that dips into a different genre. Other than that, I found [u] Pretendo[/u] very well put together.

Overall, Pretendo is an awesome rockin’ band. If you get a chance, pick up their self-titled album. You will not be let down.

-Zack Albrecht