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May 19, 2009

So, I’m spending the summer working at a Christian summer camp. While this would seem to necessitate a slowdown of Independent Clauses, this is not the case! I’ve been working furiously to get stuff ready for summer, and it seems that we will be moving to four posts a week (as opposed to daily, which is what we were doing early in the semester, and scattershot, which is what we’re doing now). It looks like we’ll be posting Monday-Thursday.

And our twitter will keep twittering away. It’ll be like I’m not even gone!

But that’s where we’ve been for the past couple weeks; furiously preparing for summer. Just thought I’d drop a note and enlighten all of you wonderful people.


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On May 25, 2009 Donald Pillai wrote...

My kind of music FROM JESUS WITH LOVE Music is like water for your spirit. As you drink it in and absorb it –as the music and lyrics resonate in your mind – it becomes part of you. The music is the channel through which you receive the message, the words. Music that is inspired by Me bears My message and brings life and hope. It speaks to your heart. It makes you happy, and it makes you want to spread that happiness to others. It gives you new strength, inspiration, and courage. It helps you to set your affections on things above. It lifts you to the heavenlies. It deepens our love for Me, and it inspires you to do things that will please Me. It pours My Spirit into your spirit, and answers the longings of your heart. Like cool, pure, clear water, it refreshes you every time you drink it. Why wander in the dusty dry desert of music that is not inspired by Me, when I have provided music that will quench your thirst and rejuvenate your soul? Come up! Come up to the mountains where the streams are clear and fresh! Leave the things of this world behind you, and find thrills of the spirit that you never knew existed! - Jesus

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