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Premiere: Titles' "Be Not Afraid"

Last updated on September 12, 2017


I am frequently reminded that the world can be a scary place. But we shouldn’t live in fear, as indie-pop band Titles is quick to remind us with “Be Not Afraid.” The tune repeats the title as a mantra, giving listeners something to hum to themselves as they go about their day. The song is built off sleigh bells and low-slung synths, creating a tension between the analog and the electric that neatly approximates that tension between that which we are afraid of and that which we hope for. It’s a beautiful, memorable tune.

Download “Be Not Afraid.”

“Be Not Afraid” comes from Titles’ recently released Modern Sounds in Science Fiction, which is sadly the last hurrah for the outfit. However, their final statement has been committed to vinyl via Safety Meeting Records, so you can have “Be Not Afraid” and 11 more tunes on wax if you’re into the sound.

To get you further into that sound, here’s a video the band just released for the tune “Stone Boat,” another solid indie-pop track off Science Fiction. The video plays off disorienting images of the ocean that correspond with the hazy intro to the track. But the overarching sonic optimism of “Stone Boat” transcends your average hazy pop tune and gives it a warm, lush feeling that I deeply enjoy.