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Premiere: “Backseat Chorus” by Grover Anderson & the Lampoliers

Independent Clauses is proud to premiere Grover Anderson’s “Backseat Chorus” off his upcoming All the Lies That I Have Told out this July.

Anderson’s skill as a narrative songwriter weaves together feelings that are certainties in our post-pandemic world. Circumstances beyond our control–scary as hell–can stretch us, making us better through the struggle. The benefits of our solitary journey this past year have brought many of us home spiritually. Somehow, we have individually forged bonds we never knew existed, as loving and living is now more important because of so much loss. 

Anderson crafts a clearly relatable story here, like an open-air road trip back out into the world after dark times. His authentic vocal delivery resonates with a likability reminiscent of the great Glen Campbell. Grover Anderson & the Lampoliers’ guitar-driven connection to the human condition soars here in its subtle sonic brilliance.

Pre-order All the Lies That I Have Told here.–Lisa Whealy