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Premiere: “and follow through” – Chaperone Picks

Last updated on October 17, 2019

I’m always going to be interested in expertly-done lo-fi work. Even though much lo-fi work is marked by limited instrumental palettes and lack of technical polish, that just means it has to have to make up for all of that with actual songwriting. The prolific Chaperone Picks knows this and turns out work that’s heavy on the important stuff and light on the bells and whistles.

The opener to his latest work Haiku Houses cuts everything down to the bare minimum not just in instrumentation but also in length. “and follow through” is only 66 seconds long, but both the verse melody and the chorus melody are catchy. The rattling percussion matches perfectly with the bright acoustic guitar. The roaring backup vocals contrast beautifully with the chill/deadpan delivery of the main vocal line. It all comes together into a perfect little package: an acoustic lo-fi track that I can’t get out of my head that’s almost literally gone in 60 seconds. If you’re a fan of lo-fi guitar singer/songwriter stuff, you’re gonna love this track and its subsequent album. Check out the song on Soundcloud.