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Plecostomus-Society in General

September 1, 2007

plecostomusBand: Plecostomus

Album: Society in General

Best Element: Don’t be afraid, it’s only humor.

Genre: Humor/pop


Label: Squish Records

This album made me laugh…hard. Of course, Plecostomus is a comedy band consisting of Jimmy and Matt from Omaha, Nebraska. Society in General touches on a few topics, like the obesity problem in America, how fun roller-skating is, how awesome the sun really is and how everybody poops. Actually, if you are not open-minded and cannot handle a tad of political incorrectness, this is not for you. These guys will not hesitate to have fun and offend you.

The cover of the album has the State of Liberty with a foam hand as her torch and cradling a large sub. The inside has a picture of astronaut with a beer and a cigarette, with beer bottles and cans littering the moon. Take some pity on these boys; they are only having some fun with your political and social issues.

The music, if you want to call it as such, is simple but well done for being recorded in a bedroom. There is the occasional vocal harmony (which adds to the funny), actual audio and a nice mix of guitar and synthesizer between the tracks. The vocals are a mix of singing, talking and just plain yelling. They have some random stats too; in “Fat America,” they tell you how much of America is actually obese…then ask why and give some helpful suggestions to fix it.

Speaking of “Fat America,” in their lovely press pack they state that “Fat America” and “The Sun” have been requested heavily on local college radio stations out in Omaha. I can totally understand that. They are amazingly hilarious! Then yet, that is the point now, is it not?

Emily Robinson

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