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Per the FTC

So, new regulations came out for bloggers this week (but not for anyone else: newspapers, magazines, etc) about what we do and don’t have to say to avoid an 11,000 dollar fine.

What we have to say now: we get all our records for free to review. People send them to us, in hopes that we will review them favorably.

If you’ve read us for any amount of time, you’ll note that we often run bad reviews, because (duh) we’re not getting paid off by the freebies we get. We need them so that we can (duh) write about them. Because if I had to purchase every album we reviewed, the math would look like this: (4 albums x $10 + 1 EP x $5) x 46 weeks = $2070/yr.

(I’m allowing six weeks’ worth of days where we fail to post things)

If you multiply that out by 7 and allow for some positive variation, that’s almost $15,000 dollars over the life of this blog. Seeing as I am a college student, I’ve never even made $15k in a year, much less $15k off this blog. In fact, there’s no advertising on this blog. It’s totally free. Totally, totally unbiased, which is (I guess) what the FTC wants.
If we factor in the two editions of a print magazine that we ran (FTC: does running two versions of a print mag make us a print mag? or are we a blog again?), I’ve lost money on Independent Clauses. Full disclosure for the win. You readers aren’t getting faulty information while I get rich, because I’m not getting rich. At all.

In fact, I run this partly as a service to upstart bands (who need press quotes), partly as a service to my writers (who need resume fodder), partly because I really enjoy writing about music (whoa, what a concept) and THEN as a service to readers (sorry guys, but you really do come in fourth in my mind).

Also, I like folk best. I figure that should be disclosed while we’re making disclosures. And I hate grindcore. And hot country. And government intervention.

There. No fine for us. We’ve disclosed everything free.

Oh wait, my roommate bought the orange juice I drank this morning. I’m favorably biased toward him.