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People Chasing People-The Dayglow Light of Sleep

peoplechasingpeopleBand Name: People Chasing People

Album Name: The Dayglow Light of Sleep

Best Element: Replay value

Genre: Mellow indie, alternative


Label Name: Milquetoast Records (

Band E-mail:

While listening to The Dayglow Light of Sleep, it’s very easy to find yourself tapping your foot, sitting back, and relaxing- the ease with which one can listen to this album is awe-striking. With easily flowing songs and very agreeable vocals, People Chasing People have struck a treasure of an album.

Bouncy guitar riffs are common throughout the album, providing a solid flow without bad song spacing and dull, boring moments. Like the guitar, the drums and bass provide the same fun and enjoyable momentum with catchy beats and rhythms. Unfortunately, the lyrics struggle to contain the same catchy and fun elements as the instruments. Although the lyrics may be too much for some listeners, the melody lines are matched very well to the overall feel of the songs. The correspondence between the lyrics and singing is still done as well as possible, though- they’re not completely at odds with each other.

There is no struggle for great performance- this album is a strongly layered, quality album that every music lover could find enjoyable. Anyone looking for good listening can stop looking and check out People Chasing People’s The Dayglow Light of Sleep. It could easily be your favorite album of the year.

-Tony Kennedy