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Paulina/ S/t EP

Group: Paulina/ S/t EP
Best Element: Great mix of the 70's, 80's, and Today!
Genre: Rock.
Website: -
Label: N/a

               Don't let Paulina's enigmatic song titles fool you.  Their primary style is a terrific blend of classic 70's and 80's rock, but with enough modernized undertones to keep it fitting to our era.  That said, the four songs on their self-titled album are hardly monotonous-each shows a different side of the group that's always entertaining to hear.
               Their first track "Stardotstar" can best be described as having a no-worry feel.  While not the best example of the band's potential (occasionally the lyric placement seems awkward), the drum leads are to be commended, and help preserve its variety.  Paulina's mellow side comes out in "One Man Crowd," as the progressive instrumentals add a lot to this song.  The intro to "Little Prince" has a classic rock feel as well, with guitar tabs that are here and there reminiscent of Lifehouse.  The most unique aspect?  Suffice to say it's a perfect example of your general "rocking-out" song.  It's nice.  But it's cool.  And Paulina does an excellent job of showing that it can be both.
               At times slightly reminiscent of Foreigner's "Double Vision," "Corwyn" is clearly the star song on this album.  With hints of classic rock and ballad and a mix that's never uninteresting, it'll basically take your focus off anything else you're occupied with at the time, making you WANT to follow it.  In short: The shifts own this song.
               Overall, Paulina clearly has an understanding of how to bring classic rock back without being too nostalgic.  On their website, they suggest playing more than one of their songs at a time for "super-crazy-wicked awesome-kungfu grip having" results, but listening to them individually gives the full effect of this album and potential of the band that never once proves itself boring.
-Steph Brooks