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Paul Wright

The Paul Wright EP has two distinctive features. The first is that Paul Wright is a white guy whose EP features pictures of him skating on an old-school skateboard. White guy solo acts are instantly corellated to acoustic guitar. The second is that Mr. Wright’s label is Gotee Records, which has a few rock acts but mostly hip-hop and rap acts. So it wasn’t too weird when I found that Paul Wright is a white guy who raps over an acoustic guitar.

Yes, Paul Wright is a white rapper. Thankfully, he sings just as much, if not more, than he raps. After a short intro track, the opening track “Your Love Never Changes” shows us basically what Mr. Wright is made of. A guitar-heavy mix of acoustic guitar, bass, and drums accompany his hip-hop inflected sung vocals. He sounds like white rapper John Reuben, and he shares Reuben’s talent for writing catchy choruses. The chorus for “Your Love Never Changes” is a killer in the area of catchiness. The rest of the album is a mix of rap, hip-hop, reggae, and acoustic pop. It comes off slick and fresh, accompanied by a multitude of back-up singers, features, bgv’s, and other effects. The raps here are quick and effortless, and since this is Gotee, nothing offensive is featured in any of them. Some of them are heavily Christian, and some of them aren’t. It just depends. The instant favorite on this EP is the breezy, fun “Microphone Check”, which is a mellow freestyle rap about nothing in particular. Another highlight is the sample infused acoustic-only song “Wonderful Creator”, where he clearly displays his great voice.

The acoustic guitar has been stretched lately. With both Full Surrender and Paul Wright on the scene, the acoustic guitar is finally getting the attention it deserves. The Paul Wright EP is really just a teaser his upcoming release, but the laidback, light hip-hop vibe of this EP is well worth the money right now. The mood is infectious, and you just feel a lot happier after it. Thus, Paul Wright is a multi-faceted act that instills an upbeat feeling in whatever he plays.