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Over It-Timing is Everything

overitBand Name: Over It

Album Name: Timing is Everything

Best element: Old School Punk nods.
Genre: Punk/pop


Label name: Lobster Records (
Band e-mail:

When I hear Over It, I feel a need to go to my record store and strategically place their album Timing is Everything in front of sucky albums by mediocre bands such as Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Hoobastank, Ashlee Simpson, et al. Why? It is simply because Over It actually lives up to their genre description and encompasses both the furious, irate punk ideals and the hummable melodies of pop.

From beginning to end, this album is characterized by quick-paced, abrasive guitar lines and the desperate vocals of Peter Munters. The guitars here are good- and I mean good. They’re heavy, fast, and often angry- all the things that punk started out to be. There are occasional forays into generic pop-punk (“Nothing Serious”, “Thrill Seeker”), but they most often stay in their groove as a heavy punk band. The best guitar track here is the dissonant, restrained “Worry Bomb”, where they find the perfect balance between emotional restraint and punk guitar onslaught. It stands head and shoulders above the rest for the very fact that restraint is in effect for the verses- it makes the chorus that much more bombastic.

The vocals are stellar as well- and no, they aren’t your average pop-punk vocals. Trust me, I’m tired of that high pitched whine as well. No, Peter Munter has command of a great range, spanning creepy low tones (“Fall”) and controlled wails that give me shivers (“Worry Bomb”).

The downside to this album is that the formula doesn’t often change; but then again, when the sledgehammer that is “Limiter” bursts out of your stereo, you forget that you had that complaint. It’s a great way to pass a road trip, and it’s infinitely better than the punk crap that’s been killing the radio lately. This is an old release, by the way- their new one, Silverstrand, is coming out pretty much as soon as this review is released (March 9).

-Stephen Carradini