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Over It-Silverstrand

Band: Over It

Album: Silverstrand

Best element: Very tight guitar and drum tracks.

Genre: Pop-punk


Label: Lobster Records

Band E-mail:

My first impression of Over It was: “Here’s another California pop-punk band that’s on their way to selling out.” The band sounds like they are influenced by Yellowcard (also on Lobster Records), the Early November, and other pop-punk/hardcore bands. Thus, their sound is not very original- they are like many of the MTV generation cookie-cutter bands that have sold out. This is a band that you could probably find on the Warped Tour along with My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.

The band is on a “punk” label, but they are just borderline pop-punk- they mix in some ill-fated hardcore attempts. If they were heavier with a new singer, the album would be a lot better. Some of the songs are pretty mellow, and sound like they belong on the soundtrack to the “OC”. Although the guitar parts could use a little beefing up, overall, the instrumental aspect of the CD is all right- it’s just not very original.

In conclusion, Over It’s 5th album Silverstrand is a mediocre attempt to cross the pop-punk line and show everybody that a band can have their own sound. They blend in with most of the new bands that are played on TV and the radio. I feel they could get a new singer and be a lot better than all the rest of the girly punk bands- you know who I’m talking about. If you are into songs that were written because someone got dumped, then pick up Silverstrand.

-Zack Albrecht