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One True Thing-Finally

onetruethingBand Name: One True Thing
Album Name: Finally
Best element: Stellar female vocals
Genre: Indie Rock
Label name: Play the Assassin (
Band e-mail:

Don’t be surprised if you get your hands on a copy of One True Thing’s Finally CD and can’t stop listening to it for weeks. Don’t be surprised if you hear One True Thing tearing up the radio in the near future. There’s nothing to be surprised about. They are just that damn good.

One True Thing’s lyrical ability is stunning, lightly poetic, yet to the point. They are able to write songs which are honest without being overbearing. It is easy for the listener to relate to them and feel involved in the emotion being conveyed. Lyrics are, of course, always subject to interpretation, but the songs appear to range in subject from themes of love lost (“Do You Remember”, and the amazing “Wish I Was Everything”), self doubt (“Will I Make It?”), aging and death (“Bloom”), clandestine romance (“In a Whisper”), watching a strong person deteriorate (“Watch You Fall”), and child abuse (“Dearest”).

The thing that separates One True Thing from the rest of the indie-rock pack is Melanie’s superb vocal talent. Her voice complements the strength of the lyrics by taking the emotion to a higher level. She is able to sing forcefully or softly without sounding forced or unnatural, which lets her interpret the emotions of these songs effortlessly. Her voice, as well as the band’s overall sound, is similar to The Sundays and Sixpence None the Richer (without being quite as poppy).

Finally, for the person who wants a little bit of visual stimulation to go along with the auditory experience, this CD has enhanced CD features, which include live videos for “Monster”, “Who’s Amazing”, and “Sound of my Voice” (which is previously unreleased).

So don’t be surprised when your radio starts being taken over by sweet vocals and strong indie-rock- we warned you in advance about One True Thing.

-Andrea Goodwin