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One Step Behind

Some bands just don’t have much to say about themselves. They are all about the music. One Step Behind is one of those bands. So, to continue their ‘aura of mystery’, on to the review.

If asked offhand what One Step Behind plays, I would answer metal. If someone wanted a little more depth to it, I would tell them aggressive emo and semi-metal. This is not an insult. Their music is thick and intense, but doesn’t have the ferocity that metal bands possess. On this, the “Shine” EP, distorted screams and flange effect on guitar seem to be their favorite gimmicks. They don’t scream all that often, but when they do the screams are distorted and creepy. The exception to this is “Push Away” which is a true metal song, replete with frenetic screaming and smashing guitar lines. It is one of the best on the album. The rest of the album comes off as repetitive very quickly, as there are no new effects introduced, and the guitars just don’t have the strength to carry this album. The singing is ok, as the singer has a pretty good voice. When he uses it melodically on ‘aggressive emo’ track “Share With Me”, the song turns into a definite standout track. When he tries to sing with intensity, it just comes off as overdone.

One Step Behind does best when they go all out in one direction. Their hardest and softest tracks here are the best ones, and their ‘alternative metal’ offerings just aren’t that great. They need to get harder or softer, and they will be a respectable band. But the lukewarm metal has got to go.