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Oh No Ono-Yes

ohnoonoBand: Oh No Ono

Album Name: Yes
Best Element: Anything-goes mentality

Genre: Dance

Label: Morningside Records
Band E-mail:

Remember “Move Your Body”, Junior Senior’s disco/trash/dance extravaganza from a few years back? The full length debut from fellow Danes Oh No Ono sounds a bit like that track taken to extremes. Fronted (and practically defined) by the androgynous, helium-induced alien voice of Malthe Fischer, Yes is a record chock full of playful synthesizer, disco grooves and an overwhelming sense of weird.
The album opens with a dramatic symphonic piano instrumental which promises something epic to follow. And the band largely fulfills this promise. They play with such ferocity, such an intense desire to make you dance, that even when the songs don’t quite measure up the music is still fantastic. The delicious disco funk of “Victim of the Modern Age” and “Practical Money Skills for Life” exemplify this best.

But even when Oh No Ono is making you dance, they’re doing it in their own avant-garde alien way. Take the first single “Keeping Warm In Cold Country.” Between a landscape of chugging guitars and stabbing synths, the verses suddenly halt and reveal almost psychedelic harmonized vocals. They linger for perhaps a second and then the band has moved onto something else. It’s a kitchen sink kind of song but it’s still glossy and catchy as hell.
Fischer’s atypical vocals can be at times grating, most glaringly on album closer “Talking Lynddie England.” Similarly, “Sunshine and Rain at Once” is a stab at balladry that sounds strangely like the Muppets singing a rock show tune. This one works, though, as it conforms to the anything-goes aesthetic of the rest of the record.

Key Tracks: Keeping Warm In Cold Country, Victim Of The Modern Age, Practical Money Skills For Life

-Nick James