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October 2021 Singles 3

Last updated on November 3, 2021

1. “Another Stripe” – Plant Shrink. Blast from the past: in 2010, I convened a little EP of original works to celebrate the blog’s 7th anniversary. (The download link is dead, as you may have expected.) Our friends Dishwater Psychics sent us a demo of “Another Stripe” to include in the set. 11 years later, Dan from Dishwater Psychics emailed me to say that his side project Plant Shrink finished the track. It’s good to know that some things stay the same: I loved this rumbling, grumbling, lo-fi indie-rock track then, and I love it now. The nostalgic vibes create an extra level of enthusiasm for me. Highly recommended.

2. “See My Smile” – Marc Maynon. Lovely formal pop that splits the difference between ’90s Britpop ballad and Beatles vibes.

3. “Against / Social / Media” – The Holy Road. This strings-led post-rock composition is eerie, elegant, and dramatic. I love topical work and especially work on technological concepts; the ominous mood throughout and the overtly villain-esque breakdown around 3:00 underscores the concept around this particular track.

4. “Cumbia Divina (feat. Divina Jasso)” – Mitchum Yacoub. I involuntarily sway my hips and bob my head when I hear this top-shelf cumbia cut. The melody is great, the groove is magnificent, and the overall product is just fantastic.

5. “Taking Time” – shn shn. A beautiful ambient / electronic rumination on slowness and stillness that is a good reminder for those of us running around with our hair on fire to chill out a bit. (That would be me.)

6. “Akaku” – John Thayer. A quirky, herky-jerky cut that pairs melodic percussion with stuttering beats and distant synths for an unusual, enjoyable experience.

7. “Corsica ’80” – Kraak and Smaak. A smooth, tropical, groove-heavy slice of electronic joy.