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Nexus-A Year and a Half of Our Lives

nexusBand Name: Nexus
Album Name: A Year and a Half of Our Lives
Best Element: The right tools to become a great band.
Genre: Nu-wave emo
Label Name: n/a
Band E-mail:

A nexus is a connection or tie. However, there seems to be a loss of connection on A Year and a Half of Our Lives. All the ingredients are there for a good record: well crafted songs, solid melodies, and a strong vocal presence that cuts well through the mix. However, this band falls victim too often to rehashed ideas that every by-the-numbers emo band trying to get on next year’s Warped Tour have already done.

The intro is a big production of piano and midi strings much like the beginning of AFI’s Sing the Sorrow mixed with elements of the more delicate side of Linkin Park. Each song reminds the listener of Story of the Year and a tad bit like Thrice. There are elements of metallic punk that is abundant in the current mall-core scene. What is interesting is that the genre of music that is meant to be so sincere and emotional is neither. In the jewelcase of the album, there is a picture of the band behind the CD. They all look tough and very serious with ski hats and baggy jeans on. This is fine except for the fact that one of the members has a shirt on that says “I want your butt!” This totally negates any serious message that they wanted to send in the lyrics- but even then the lyrics seem to not be whole hearted. Nexus is a band that would benefit from trying to find their own niche in the musical spectrum and not get caught up in what The Used would do.

Lastly, the production on the album could be much better. The drums especially have little punch and leave the overall recording sounding lackluster. The guitars sound computerized and the bass is almost non-existent.

In the end, Nexus has the right tools to become a great band- it’s just becoming more than another bad nu-wave emo band that’s their challenge.