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September 26, 2011

I just heard word that Independent Clauses is the official sponsor of this week’s edition of SLTM the Podcast! I am super-stoked about this, as Brad Bugos spins some great tunes and does a lot to promote good music out there in the world. In addition, The Duke of Norfolk will be getting a spin on the show, which drops Wednesday.

Broken Arm serves alt-country straight-up: It’s all Ryan Adams, Jayhawks, The Elected goodness up in here. (Side note: How do you know you’re in Portland? Your pedal steel player has dreads.) This in-studio of “The Cold” is the band’s first foray into the recorded world, but the band assures that more is on the way.

Once the unnecessarily long video intro finishes, “Orange Tree” by Paper Thick Walls is a charming acoustic-led tune in the vein of The Civil Wars, The Weepies and She and Him (although more Americana-tinged than each). The video is a bit goofy in contrast to the wide-eyed romanticism of the tune, but it’s fun.


Stephen Carradini and Lisa Whealy write reviews of instrumental, folk, and singer/songwriter music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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