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December 10, 2008

Okay, I’m behind. I know this. This guy has already been on TRL. He doesn’t qualify as indie. I’m writing up NeverShoutNever! because he sounds exactly like the late great the Format. It’s eerie how close Christofer Ingle (Never Shout Never!) gets to sounding like Nate Ruess of The Format when he goes for high notes. Add in the fact that it’s bright, jangly acoustic-based indie-pop, and it gets even closer. Add in some really morose lyrics on the happy music, and you’ve got an incredibly fun and interesting sound; one which both the Format and NeverShoutNever! have. Since the Format unceremoniously disbanded, I guess NeverShoutNever! will do in my mind as an acceptable substitute.

To hear NeverShoutNever! sound like the Format, listen to “Your Biggest Fan” on their myspace page. It’s eerie. Cool, but eerie.


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