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Music Videos: Perfect matches

December 17, 2011

Earlier in the year, I lauded The Wooden Birds’ Two Matchsticks as having an “easygoing vibe that eschews huge, sweeping moods for a quiet dignity.” Now they’ve commissioned a pitch-perfect music video for “Criminals Win” that sums up everything that is good and right not just about the song, but the whole album. I absolutely love this.

The Bye Byes, whom I referenced yesterday, just released a great little claymation video for “Binoculars.” It’s quirky and fun, which also fits the tune perfectly.

This stark, visually arresting video for Greenthief’s “Vultures” is also a pretty literal interpretation of a song and its atmosphere; even though I’m not huge into this style of rock, I just couldn’t stop watching the video. Enjoy:

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