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MOSH Santa Brings the Holiday Cheer

Saturday, December 16th, 2006
Haste the Day / Calico System / Heavy Heavy Low Low / Flee the Seen
The Championship, Lemoyne, PA

By the eve of December 16th, I had just finished a long week of finals (semester number 7 out of 8, I might add) and I was ready for some good not-so-old-fashioned fun in the form of a good rock em’ sock em’ show.  Scott (whom you may know as one of the IC’s editors) also happened to be ready for such a thing, so we ventured out together on this chilly December night to do just that.

Due to lack of parking and having to walk what seemed like miles to the venue, we missed the first band to play, but I have seen them before and I don’t think we missed anything spectacular.  The first band we saw, Flee the Seen, I had heard of previously, as a co-worker knew them and told me how absolutely amazing he thought they were, and while they were ok, I felt they crossed genres far too much.  They had the whole gimmick thing going, with a female vocalist who also happened to be their bassist, but at times it was impossible to tell when one song ended and another began.  Also, this may seem sexist, but I can hardly stand female vocalists in hardcore bands, or rather, their high pitched screaming and growling just grates on my nerves so much that I can’t get past that to listen to the music the band as a whole puts out.  But I’m allowed to say that; I’m a girl. I’m not denying that they were talented and had some catchy songs, but their abrupt style changes mid-song did little for me.

Heavy Heavy Low Low played next, and they lived up to all of my expectations.  They were the primary band I was there to see, and they play a brand of hardcore/spazcore akin to early Fear Before the March of Flames, Ed Gein, and The Number Twelve Looks Like You.  They played an insanely good set, with both the bassist and one of the guitarists in and on top of the crowd at one point.  They’re opening for Thursday, Murder by Death and Fear Before the March of Flames this winter, so if that tour comes to your city, I highly suggest checking it out.  The band that followed them, Calico System, also brought down the house.  They had the most violent and intense set, and the vocalist established a connection with the crowd and never let it waver.  During their performance they even gave away a free t-shirt to the kid that moshed the hardest during one of their songs.  If that isn’t an indication of an excellent set, I don’t know what is.

The headlining band was Haste the Day, whom I never particularly cared for prior to seeing them play.  However, they were clearly a crowd favorite and did have an excellent stage presence, though their wireless set up definitely helped.  They were slightly more metal than the previous bands and it showed through their well executed guitar solos and dual vocalists, much like bands such as From Autumn to Ashes and UnderOath, who both also have singing drummers.  Lancaster natives August Burns Red were also in attendance to support their former tour mates Haste the Day, as was a gigantic blow up MOSH Santa.  Any band that’s good enough for both Santa AND the guys of ABR is good enough for me!

– Allison Frank